Student Spotlight: Heather Walter

Prenatal classes, Itsy Bitsy Yoga  sessions, and Thrive are some of the opportunities my family and I have taken advantage of at the studio. Each of these classes offer different things as well as focuses on you as an individual, your family, and your child. I remember joining my first Itsy Bitsy Yoga session on Tuesday mornings. I was frantic. My four-month old was not sleeping and all I was craving was support from other mothers. When I walked in and sat down on my mat I looked around and immediately felt at home, comfortable,and peaceful. These women were there for me, and I for them - supporting each other through our children’s different milestones (the good and the challenging).

Then, I joined a class made up of a handful of woman of all ages called Thrive. We spent the summer sharing our core values with one another. In these sessions,we were able to intimately share our life experiences and how we can continue to become stronger as individuals and as members of our communities. Pleasance teaches classes to help others grow, and she weaves these values into the essence of the studio, working hard at making the people she meets feel like her family.

Being a member of lil omm community has been more than just attending yoga classes for my family and I. Lil omm has been a place where our family can come and play, connect, and learn to be mindful together in a safe, and nurturing environment. In a world that is fast-paced, demanding and often times stressful, learning important skills such as these, as well as being able to connect to the community around us, has been the biggest gifts lil omm has given us.


Prenatal Yoga: Use Your BRAIN - Part Two- Inversions

Over the past few months, several pregnant students have come to me and said: “My doctor told me that I should not be doing inversions, so I should not be doing Downward-Facing Dog or Puppy pose, right?”

I would sit there with my mouth agape trying to figure out how to respond. On one hand, I did not want to be contradicting their care provider. On the other hand, I wanted to tell them that Downward- Facing Dog is not harmful since doulas and midwives use that type of inversion very frequently during pregnancy and labor to help a baby get in the optimal position. 

In addition, yoga teachers often teach inversions because it is said that they bring fresh blood and oxygen to the body and stimulate the nervous and endocrine systems. 

After pondering, I decided that when teaching, I will group inversions in two categories: full inversions and half inversions.

Full inversions are poses where a person is upside down and his or her body is in a full vertical position. In these poses, the pelvis and feet are above the heart. Examples of full inversions include Handstand, Supported Shoulder Stand, and Supported Head Stand.

Half inversions are poses where the torso is diagonal to the floor and the body is fully supported. Examples of half inversions include Downward-Facing Dog and Extended Puppy Pose.

There is a lack of consensus in the yoga world when it comes to inversions, especially during pregnancy. Some traditions like Iyengar recommend full inversions during pregnancy for students with an existing inversion practice while other traditions advise against them.

There is also a lack of research done on inversions during pregnancy. It is important to note that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) does not recommend that pregnant women start new forms of exercise, such as a full inversion practice, during their pregnancy that have a risk of falling. This is due to the shift in a woman’s center of gravity during pregnancy, which can affect her balance and increase her chance of falling.

Another factor to consider is the impact of full inversions on blood pressure. Some pregnant women experience low blood pressure. Taking inversions with low blood pressure can cause dizziness for these women. Conversely, some women experience high blood pressure during pregnancy, which can be dangerous for both mom and baby. Suzanne Ilgun, a registered nurse and yoga teacher, conducted a series of interviews with physicians about the impact of inversions on cardiovascular health.

Suzanne concluded that physicians believed that: “The more inverted the legs and/or torso, the harder the heart must work to pump against gravity, and hence the higher the blood pressure. The more inverted the torso, the greater the intrathoracic pressure, and hence the higher the blood pressure.” This finding reinforces the concern that students may have about taking inversions during pregnancy.

Based on this information, students and teachers can also use BRAIN to evaluate full inversion practice during pregnancy and determine what is right for them:  

BRAIN for Full Inversions During Pregnancy

Benefits: Relieves varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles, assists thyroid function. Brings fresh blood and oxygen to the body.

Risks: May cause the blood pressure to rise, uterine pulling, or vascular congestion. There is also a risk of falling in a full inversion, which can especially dangerous for a pregnant student.

Alternatives: Take Downward-Facing Dog or another half inversion. Consider trying Legs Up the Wall, which also offers many of the benefits of full inversions.

Intuition: Consider the risks and the benefits of a full inversion as well as how you are feeling when you are in the pose.

Nothing: What if you did not do this pose? You could move into another pose or ask your instructor for a modification.

The research maybe lacking, but the small amount of research that has been done on this topic concludes that full inversions may not be the best option for expecting yoga practitioners. The most important thing is to be mindful of WHY you or your students want to do this asana. Is it purely for the benefits, or is the ego somehow involved? Yoga is not only the practice of connecting breath, mind and body, but is also the practice of letting go of the ego. Pregnancy can be the ideal time to take on this practice.

In the next part of the series, we will evaluate twisting yoga poses during pregnancy. What are your thoughts on practicing this group of poses in prenatal yoga?

Michelle Brady is a mother to three, a birth doula, prenatal yoga teacher, and certified HypnoBirthing practitioner. In addition to being a birth worker, she offers various yoga and education classes to mothers and their growing families in the Washington, DC metro area.

Sarah Vogel is a communications professional, yoga teacher, prenatal and postnatal fitness instructor, and most important, mom to a 5-month old son. She strives to help her students reap the benefits of yoga and fitness in a safe and empowering environment.


Kids and Family Workshops This Fall @ Lil Omm

From going to back to school nights to finding the perfect Halloween costume, we know that fall is a busy time of year. That's why lil omm is hosting several events this season for families to connect as well as opportunities for parents to relax while their kids have fun in our unique and exciting events. 

First up is our School Holiday Mini-Camp on 10/13 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. for kids ages 3-6. While you catch up on work or run errands, your kids will enjoy an afternoon of fun. We'll sing, dance, build, play, and of course, explore Littles Yoga. Click here to register.
On October 18, drop your kiddo and his/her favorite doll or stuffed animal off for a Downward Doll Yoga & Tea Party from 5:30-6:30 p.m. They'll enjoy a fun-filled, spirited yoga class followed by tea and cookies! Cost: $25/child + $10/additional sibling. Cost: $25/child + $15/sibling. Click here to register.

Halloween is oh-so-omm at lil omm! Check out this post to learn about our parties, music classes, even circus yoga class we'll be hosting that weekend.
Are you looking for a fun way to connect with your kiddo? Attend our Family Superhero Yoga Class on 11/15 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Enjoy a super fun time with your kiddo as we discover our own super powers, build strength and flexibility to bring peace to the bad guys and of course, learn to fly! A healthy snack is included too. Cost: $30 per parent-child couple, $15 additional sibling rate. Click here to register.

Kick off the holiday season with a Nutracker-themed yoga class on 12/6 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Soldiers and sugar plum fairies, ages 3-8 years, will enjoy a classic tale in a new way! Cost: $30 (families up to 3 people), $40 (families 4 or more people). Click here to register.

We hope to see you at one of these fun, family-focused events! Check the workshops tab for more information!


Teacher Feature: Elissa Margolin

Elissa Margolin recently joined the lil omm family as a teacher, but her experience with us started as a prenatal yoga student. A yoga teacher for several years, Elissa's journey with yoga started in college and continued through her travels through 18 different countries!

Elissa is an E-RYT200, RYT500 certified teacher and yoga therapist. Her 500hr training is in Yoga Therapy, and her 200-hr training is through YogaWorks. She has completed additional vinyasa teacher trainings with Shiva Rea and Seane Corn, and has also studied with David Swenson and Sarah Powers, as well as many other wonderful teachers.You will find Elissa teaching Baby & Me Yoga and Yoga Flow/Playtime with her most recent and greatest teacher, her son. 

Elissa graciously answered the following questions about herself, but the best way to get to know her better is to meet her on the mat! 

What brought you to yoga?

I attended my first yoga class as a freshman in college at Brown University. It was at that sweet time in life when one’s job is to be wide open and receptive, to learn and absorb and explore, to be a student of the world. I was very interested in Eastern philosophy and religion, and particularly in other approaches to healing and medicine; I was studying Buddhism and the therapeutics of meditation, and was fascinated by anthropology.  

In retrospect, studying yoga fit well into the way I was trying to learn about the world and about myself. It was the ultimate exploration of body, mind, culture… a truly experiential and tangible way of learning, and what has turned out to be life-long lesson in being human.

How long have you been practicing yoga? 

That first class I took was in 1996.  I have been practicing yoga ever since… I have spent about 10 of the last 18 years living abroad, primarily in Africa and Asia, and my yoga study and practice has been as diverse as the places I have lived. I have had the honor and luck of studying with an eclectic and wonderful array of teachers all over the world. My practice and my teaching reflect that colorful tapestry of global influence.

Who inspires you? 

As a new mother, I think I am most inspired right now by other mothers.
I am inspired by what it means to be a mom- to act from a place this is so primal, so instinctual, so intuitive.  To trust in my body to provide intelligently and perfectly for myself and my baby through pregnancy and long beyond, and to trust in my heart to guide me through the process of motherhood.  To tap in to the very essence of creativity.  To nourish and to nurture.  To be stronger and braver, more fierce and more humbled than ever before.

I am blessed to have so many incredible mothers in my life who continue to be my teachers and my unwavering source of support and encouragement. My mom is a tremendous inspiration.  Growing up, she made everything we did a joyous act of creativity and play, igniting and nurturing in me a vibrant imagination and instilling a permeating spirit of playfulness.

Another mother who continues to amaze me is Meg, my oldest friend in the world, who is mom to 4-year-old twins, a full-time nurse and who recently completed intensive advanced studies to receive her certification as a nurse practitioner. She has managed to somehow be home with her girls for most of their waking hours, take them on endless adventures, and meanwhile remain an involved and loving friend to a very wide circle of people. She does all of this with such poise and easy-going humor.  Though she has little time to practice on a yoga mat these days, she is one of the best examples I know of a true yogini… balancing strength and focus with grace, agility and light.

What is your favorite yoga pose? 

I just recently spent some time on Vashon Island in Puget Sound, and I loved doing yoga on a stand-up paddleboard!  I am a water baby, and am most at home by the ocean, so getting to practice yoga on a beach when I can see and smell the water is one of my very favorite things in life.  Practicing yoga literally on the ocean is just incredible!  

I think I had the most fun practicing headstands on the board; not only is there an incredible rush balancing upside down on the moving water, but it is also a chance to strip a pose that I’ve done hundreds of times down to its very basics. Practicing on the water gave me the opportunity to re-learn what it means to take things slowly, to take the time to establish a strong and stable foundation to support me as I expand into a deeper expression of the pose. I gained a renewed appreciation for a sense of rooting and rebounding, and of all the tiny stabilizing muscles that do the real work of the pose.

Best of all, though, was when my husband and I decided to share a board, and we discovered we could do our headstands simultaneously on the same board. That might be my new favorite yoga pose!

What is your favorite quote? 

“In doing something, do it with love or never do it at all.”

-- Mahatma Gandhi

What makes you smile? 

My son!  Harper is six months old, and is the greatest joy and love of my life.  His newest trick just might be my favorite… he gives me kisses!  He holds onto both sides of my face, or more recently, wraps his tiny arms around my neck, and then opens his mouth wide and plants a great big slobbery kiss on my cheek, my chin, my nose, my lips…  It is the best thing in the world!  Never mind smile, it makes my heart soar.

What is the one thing that you would tell a new student about lil omm? 

Lil omm is a so much more than a yoga studio.  It is a beautiful community composed of moms and dads and children who together create an amazing extended family of support and inspiration. I feel so fortunate to have found a space and a community where I can practice yoga in the company of such great people, and even more importantly, where Harper is totally welcome to share in every part of the experience. He has been coming to the studio since he was 5 weeks old (or, really, since he was in my belly!), and now at 6 months, is completely at ease here.  I love that he will continue to be supported to feel at home in his body, and that as he learns new ways to explore and play, lil omm will continue to nurture his development in a way that is equal parts active and peaceful.


Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors Marks 5-Year Anniversary

By: Amy Dara

On Sunday, September 7, 2014, Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors celebrated a milestone: on the first September Sunday five years ago, Circle Yoga hosted the first ever Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors class in Washington, D.C.

Adapted to the unique needs of women cancer survivors – to whom teacher Amy Dara affectionately refers as Warrior Women – this gentle yoga class provides coping tools for the emotional and physical challenges of the battle with this disease. There is no pressure to do anything that doesn’t feel right on a particular day – Amy Dara puts those too weak and fatigued to move into a restorative pose and checks on them while continuing the active portion of the class. These students come for one of the biggest benefits of this class: the nurturing, supportive community formed by the Warrior Women in a safe space.

Over the years, this class has been home to longtime survivors and new cancer patients seeking a positive community with others who understand what they’ve been through or are currently going through. Many Warrior Women are fortunate to have their cancer go into remission and attend other yoga classes, returning to the Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors classes when dealing with recurrence anxiety or when a long-term side effect flares up.

The Warrior Women’s age ranges from college to retirement. Many juggle their cancer treatment with full-time employment and wife/mother/caregiver duties. While the majority has been diagnosed with breast cancer, some Warrior Women have battled various other types of cancer. Some had a tumor that had been removed and that was it. Some have been undergoing treatment on and off for years for metastatic cancer that goes in and out of remission. Many lie in between these two extremes, having received some combination of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, bone marrow transplant, targeted therapy, and participation in clinical trials. Regardless of all this, Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors provides a safe, nurturing oasis where they can take time out for themselves in the same space with others who understand what it’s like.

The community has grown to include a bimonthly newsletter, quarterly gatherings, and fundraisers such as bake sales and Yoga on the Steps for Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors classes meets four times a week at three venues in Upper Northwest Washington, D.C., including one Super Gentle Chair Yoga class.

The Warrior Women and Amy Dara are deeply grateful to Circle Yoga Cooperative, lil omm yoga, andSibley Memorial Hospital for enabling Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors to take place within their warm, welcoming community. We are also grateful to fellow teachers Catherine Syron, Joyce Craig, and Erika Newell for occasionally subbing for Amy Dara. These three became certified through the Yoga 4 CancerTeacher Training hosted by Circle Yoga in 2012, in which Amy Dara assisted her teacher, Tari Prinster.

Additionally, the Washington, D.C. Warrior Women will soon have a sister community in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Last June, Amy Dara trained four certified yoga teachers, who will start three new classes, including one at Canvi, in early October 2014. The next Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors Teacher Training will take place in Barcelona over two consecutive weekends in March 2015. It is open to certified yoga teachers worldwide. In conjunction with this teacher training, Amy Dara has been researching, writing, and updating a manual containing a wealth of information based on clinical studies that will become available for purchase online in the near future.

Starting in October, join us at lil omm on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month @ 6:30pm for our Yoga for Women Cancer Survivors class.  Only $10/student.

Visit Amy's Blog

In addition to Amy's regular Saturday Prenatal Class at LO, check out these Upcoming Events with Amy Dara:  
  • Restorative Yoga, 2nd & 4th Fridays of each Month @ 7:45pm
  • Chocolate Meditation Workshop on Friday, 10/18 @ 7:45pm
  • Thanksgiving Attitude of Gratitude Class on Thursday, 11/27 @ 9am
  • New Year Detox & Rejuve Workshop, 1/1 @ 11am


Halloween @ LO!

Looking for an ohh-so-omm (get it- awesome :) Halloween?  Look no further!  Our Kids and Family team has designed a week full of festive celebrations.  Grab your costumes, your face paint, or funny hats and join us!

First, all Itsy Bitsy Session Graduates are invited to our IBY Grad Reunion & Halloween Party on Tuesday, 10/28 @ 12pm.  This party is reserved only for our session graduates. Please RSVP online. Only $10/family.

On Friday, 10/31, all students are invited to come in costume!  Especially our 10:45am Yoga Flow/Playtime students  and our families in our Baby & Me Yoga Fit class at 12pm.

All LO families are invited to Meadowlark Music's special Halloween Sing-a-long class on Friday at 4pm.  Cost: $12/drop in.  For more information about Meadowlark at LO or to register through Meadowlark, click here

Families with children ages 2 and up are invited to our Halloween Party on Saturday, 11/1 @ 2:30-3:30pm.  Enjoy spirited yoga, dance, and movement with your LO friends, Pleasance, and Rhiannon.  $20/family (up to 4).  Register.

The celebration doesn't stop there!!!  Enjoy a Halloween themed Circus Yoga class at LO on Sunday, 11/2 @ 2pm.  This class will be offered weekly starting in November!  Learn more about Circus Yoga.

LO loves family yoga and holidays!  Stay tuned for more holiday events and family date nights.  Check workshops tab for more information!


Circus Yoga @ lil omm

By: Holly Clay-Smith

Join the “circus” experience to set loose your inner carefree and to mine creative juices. Take a breather to discover the simple joy of romping and playing, finding games and fun ways to build connections and express yourself uniquely, from the heart.

Circus Yoga came together as a thought, motion and activity phenomenon over months and eventually years. Founder Erin Maile, a dancer and yogi, and husband Kevin O’Keefe, a circus guru, collaborated, shared and blended their ideas and experiences into an imaginative and heart-centered whole.

Progressively humanistic educational philosophies, as well as ancient yogic tenets, underpin the light-hearted, activity-based sessions lending meaning and significance that the pure joyful simplicity belies. Trying new postures and sequences, like “flying” or balancing on a pole, refreshes us. Expanding our repertoires gets us out of our minds and into our bodies, out of the established here-and-now and into the realm of the possible.

Come be part of the circus at lil omm and learn what “heart style” means to you and your family!  Open to families with children ages 6 and up.  As one LO parent states, "It’s fun to pretend to be an acrobat and to do silly colorful things with your kids."- AS

Our next Circus Yoga offerings will be held on 9/21 @ 2pm, 10/12 @ 2pm, and 10/26 @ 2pm.  Register under our Daily Classes tab. 

We will offer Circus Yoga weekly starting this November!

Discover other Kids & Family programs at LO!


Prenatal Yoga: Use Your BRAIN

Written by: Michelle Brady

Researched and Edited by: Sarah Vogel

Birth Workers love acronyms. We use them as an easy tool to educate parents on ways they can advocate for themselves during pregnancy and labor. Some examples of birth acronyms are PAIN (Purposeful, Anticipated, Intermittent, Normal) for discomfort from contractions and COAT (Color, Odor, Amount, Time) for spontaneous rupturing of membranes. The acronym that I go to consistently is BRAIN, which is a helpful tool for parents to use when interventions may be suggested during a mother’s labor. BRAIN stands for: 

Benefits- What are the benefits of this procedure/induction/etc?

Risks- What are the Risks?

Alternatives: Are there any Alternatives?

Intuition- What is your Intuition/gut telling you?

Nothing- What if we do Nothing?

I love using BRAIN because it can be used in all aspects of your life. I especially love using BRAIN for prenatal yoga because in the face of controversy about different poses/asanas, it can help both students and teachers find the right balance in the poses/asanas that work for them.

An example of this is Viparita Karani, or more commonly known as Legs Up the Wall pose. In this pose, students lie on their backs with their legs up against the wall. All expecting mothers have heard at one time or another that it is not safe for pregnant women to lay on their backs. The explanation is that lying on the back compresses the inferior vena cava vein, which can lead to a drop in fetal heart rate.

What does this mean for a pregnant mother’s yoga practice? We took a look at the research and here is what we found:

There are only a couple of studies about lying on the back during pregnancy that we could find and they were pretty inconclusive. For example, a study from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of North Carolina Memorial Hospital found that out of 25 women, 2 women became hypotensive and symptomatic.

In another study, the women were laid on their backs and 2-4% of mothers had “significant aortocaval compression” but it did not lead to fetal distress. The study also states that sleeping on the left or right showed the same results. (Although, I always encourage mothers who are in the middle or late third trimester to sleep on their left side; not because of the vena cava issue, but for optimal fetal positioning.)

While the study found that these conditions happen to only a few mothers, no one can predict who will get these symptoms. That is why many practitioners and educators warn mothers in order to prevent it as a whole.

So,how does this help your prenatal yoga practice? This is where BRAIN comes in.

BRAIN for Legs Up The Wall pose (Viparita Karani)

Benefits: Relieves varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles, assists thyroid function.

Risks: May cause dizziness and in rare cases fainting.

Alternatives: Use a bolster or roll up a blanket under your hips to relieve pressure on the vena cava.

Intuition: Listen to your body. How do you feel when you are in this pose?

Nothing: What if you did not do this pose? You could move into another pose or ask your instructor for a modification.

BRAIN can be a great way to dissect a pose that you are not sure about and allow you to make the decisions that best support your needs.

In an effort to inform and inspire students and teachers, this post is the first of a four-part series on prenatal yoga and controversial groups of poses, including:
  • Inversions
  • Twists
  • Backbends

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on BRAIN and its value to teaching and practicing prenatal yoga.

Michelle Brady is a mother to three, a birth doula, prenatal yoga teacher, and certified HypnoBirthing practitioner. In addition to being a birth worker, she offers various yoga and education classes to mothers and their growing families in the Washington, DC metro area.

Sarah Vogel is a communications professional, yoga teacher, prenatal and postnatal fitness instructor, and most important, mom to a 4-month old son. She strives to help her students reap the benefits of yoga and fitness in a safe and empowering environment.


Childcare @ lil omm

This Fall we have added several more classes with childcare and would like to remind all students about our Childcare Policies. Please be mindful that we are a yoga studio and not a daycare, therefore these policies are intended to make everyone's experience safe and enjoyable while honoring your practice.


1. Please put your mat close to the childcare door, so that we can easily find you when your child needs you.

2. ALWAYS take your child to the bathroom or change diapers before class starts. We are not able to take children to the bathroom or change diapers during classes. If your child needs to go, we will find you in class.

3. We will care for your children as best we can, but we will not allow kiddos to cry for extended periods of time during classes, or allow children to enter the studio while an adults-only class is in session. We want them to be in loving and nurturing environments and understand childcare is not appropriate for all children.

4. Sign in for childcare as early as possible as we only have a limited number of spaces and lots of families who want to use it! When childcare is full, we kindly ask you to sign up for another class to honor the safety and fun for all children. If you have any difficulties signing in online or using the App, please schedule a time to sit with us so we can show you how to easily sign into childcare. It is more important to sign up for childcare rather than the class, and our App can make this very easy! See the link below to download!

5. If you are late for class, please enter through Wisconsin Ave door. Teachers lock the back door 10 minutes after class has started. When taking adult - only yoga, please do not come after 10 minutes of class starting. If childcare is full and there are families waiting, you may forfeit your reservation.  Find our late policy here.

6. Please do not bring your child when they are sick.  We reserve the right to ask you to return at another time, as our center caters to expectant parents, newborns, and students with compromised immunities.

7. Please do not bring technology into the playroom to use with kiddos.  (iPads, iPhones, leapads, computers, etc). It is very distracting for other kiddos and our childcare staff want to PLAY with your kids! Please only bring toys that kids WANT to share with other childcare kids (this excludes lovies, pacifiers, blankets, and soothing objects).

8. We ask that parents do not send snacks into the childcare room. Sippy cups should be labeled. lil omm is a nut-free space.

9.  When childcare is not offered, older children are welcome to use the space at no charge to study or read while a parent is in class.  More about childcare here under our FAQs

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask!


A Note About Kids & Family Programming @ LO

What an exciting week we had! LO welcomed many new families during our Kids & Family free demo week as we unveiled our newest classes for children of all ages! We believe development is the best indicator for class readiness, not just age so please feel free to explore our different classes and contact us with any questions!

Setting Expectations:
The goal of family yoga classes at Lil Omm is to create an opportunity for connection, calm, and play between a parent and child. If your child doesn't participate in all the activities (e.g runs around the side of the room) or just watches - DON'T STRESS. The teacher does not mind, so the parent shouldn't either! It doesn't matter - just have fun and observe your child having fun.

Be Present:
Be truly present and free of distractions. Modeling mindfulness for your child goes a long way in developing their awareness of the yoga practice. Please leave phones, toys, snacks and stress at the door! We also ask that you try to arrive to class early/on-time so that your family can settle into the space and warm up safely. We ask for families running late to enter through the Wisconsin Ave entrance and check-in at the front-desk. Late students may forfeit their reservations when class is full.

As with anything kids learn, it's all about consistency and repetition. The more you come to class, the more the poses and principles will sink in and become second nature to them. So come often! Because we're not session based, we don't build with each class so you won't be "behind" if you miss several weeks. But you'll find that the more you come, the more you and your child will get out of it.

At-Home Practice:
The more kids see their parents loving yoga, the more it will be something they want to model. But you don't have to have an established practice to work yoga into everyday life with your kids. It can be little moments of repeating something fun from class - a few minutes to do monkey in a tree before bath or getting into down dog for kids to crawl under as they play. Check out our Youtube page for some at-home inspiration!

Taking Away More than Just Poses:
Coming to a Lil Omm class offers so much more than just a series of poses. Yoga provides a far wider set of tools to draw on as a parent - calm down techniques, fun ways to connect physically and emotionally with your child, songs to sing (e.g. try Rub Your Hands when washing hands before dinner!). Observe what your child responds to in class and work those principles/actions/words into everyday activities. And, keep that lil omm class vibe in your heart even out of the studio. Repeating "my little light sees your little light" in your head goes a long way during the tough parenting moments!!

A word about enrollment:
With such a wonderful response and turnout to our classes, we do ask that you sign up for class in advance. You are able to make single or recurring reservations using our online interface or by using our App available for iOS and Android. You may also cancel existing reservations!

If you are unable to make a class, we ask that you cancel your reservation as soon as possible so you do not forfeit your payment and so another child/family can join us! We cap our kids and family classes to ensure a safe space where each child feels honored and well-attended.

As our studio caters to a number of families, infants, and expectant mamas we ask that you keep sick children at home.  Children with fevers, runny noses, or phlegmy coughs may be asked to return at another time.

And pricing options:
We offer a number of class pass packages (5, 10, and 20-packs), membership (starting at $125/mo), and single use drop-ins. All of our kids’ drop-off classes and our & Me classes (Crawlers & Me, Baby & Me, Jumpers & Me, etc) are paid for per the number of children attending ($20 + $10/additional sibling). Know which class you want to commit to?  Check out our iCommit program!

Parking & Gear:

There is free and metered parking on Chesapeake, 42nd, and surrounding neighborhood streets. There is no parking permitted in the rear parking lot during weekday mornings. Rear lot parking is available ONLY on weekdays AFTER 4pm and at all times during weekends and holidays. We welcome you to bring your personal belongings into the studio, but ask that you keep all diaper bags, handbags, etc in the cubbies along the windows and back door. Do not bring your personal belongings to the mat. Strollers can be kept folded up in front of our rear door or in our hallways in case of inclement weather.

Student Referrals and LO in the Community:
To keep classes sustainable, we ask for your support in spreading the word about our classes and programs! We offer 2 different student loyalty programs! Our Gifts of Gratitude program for committed students and also our Referral Rewards program, where students earn rewards and prizes for word-of-mouth referrals! More info here!

The first Tuesday of every month is our Bring a Friend NEW to lil omm for free! Friend must be new to lil omm and must attend class with you. LO teachers are also involved in a variety of after school yoga programs, spreading yoga and mindfulness throughout the DC schools.

We support a number of schools throughout the Metro Area and are thrilled to be part of your auctions and special events. Interested in hosting a private party or event at lil omm? E-mail us at