Family-Style Classes for Your Summer Weekends

Find refreshing ways to keep your kiddos and family engaged this summer!  Our weekend class schedule is full of opportunities for working parents to enjoy classes with kiddos of all ages!

Please note, our family-style class sizes are limited-- please register in advance to ensure a spot especially on weekends!

Itsy Bitsy Yoga (newborns to nearly crawling)
Saturday @ 11:30am
Both parents are encouraged to attend! Newborns to nearly crawling babies enjoy songs, movement, and yoga on their backs, tummies, or in loving arms while parents enjoy the time to breathe, connect, and find support. Looking for a more consisten Itsy Bitsy practice during the week?  Check out our IBY 6-week session, starting Thursday 6/11 @ 1:45pm

Family Yoga (see below for age ranges and class times)
Family Yoga is a fun way to introduce yoga to your children.  Each family yoga class will include movement, breathe work, and active cultivation of health and wellness for both adults and children.  Younger yogis explore poses more playfully and engage in creative movement and yoga games, while older yogis move into a more developed practice with focus on mindfulness, breathwork,  and partner poses.  Beginners are always welcome and no yoga experience is necessary.  

We believe development is the best indicator for readiness, versus age so feel free to explore which class is best for you and your family.  Our age parameters are general suggestions based on our experience.  All of our family yoga classes are inclusive.

Babies & crawlers- Sunday @ 11:45am

Crawlers - 2 years- Saturday @ 9:30am

Walkers - 4 years- Sunday @ 4pm

Yogis 3-8 years - Saturday @ 10:30am

Family Circus Yoga (5+ years)
Sunday @ 1:30pm
We explore movement and postures by playing, listening, and watching. Every session incorporates a touch of theme-based mindfulness. We follow a Vinyassa Flow format injected with lots of activities and partner poses. Novel adaptations from Circus and Acro-Yoga add a touch of spice.

Yoga Flow/Playtime (all ages)
Sunday @ 2:45
This class is an energetic all-levels adult flow class that everyone can enjoy. While adults and teens practice, children of ALL ages are welcome into the room to either sleep, play, watch or participate. Older children are also invited to entertain themselves without supervision in the childcare room.

For a complete schedule of weekday and weekend classes, visit our schedule page. 

Throughout the summer we will host a number of family-friendly events, including Superhero Yoga, Playdates, and Dance Parties.  Check out our workshops page for event info and registration.

Our class pass packages or membership are the best options to make yoga most affordable for your family!  

New to yoga?  Check out our intro offer ($30/3-weeks of unlimited yoga classes) or drop-in for $25/family.

Learn all about our pricing options, including our 2015 Summer Yoga Special!

Still have questions about which classes or packages are best for your family?  Just ask!  E-mail


New Spring/Summer Schedule

We recently conducted a 5 Year Anniversary schedule survey. Based on our students' feedback, we developed a Spring/Summer schedule that we are excited to share with you!

The survey results showed that our adult yoga students wanted MORE options for the levels and stages that they are in- SO we've added new classes to meet their needs while simultaneously updating class names, descriptions, and times.

Some of these new classes include: 

Advanced Open Yoga
Gentle Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Moderate Flow Yoga
Open Yoga
Vigorous Flow Yoga

We will also be using the studio space on the 3rd floor (IMCW) regularly during the day and look forward to offering classes in that space that enhance and support our students' well being. That way, we can also offer childcare for 2 classes at one time, in hopes to give students a little yoga break!

We would love for you to spread the word about our adult yoga offerings. Since we are known as a family friendly center- many people don't know we have such a strong adult yoga program! And we need YOUR help to let your friends and family know about our sweet little yoga center. Please consider sharing this post with those in your life who could use some yoga! 


Toddler Yoga @ Home

Rhiannon Landesberg, lil omm's Child and Family Yoga Instructor, offers her suggestions on how to get the most of your family yoga practice--at home or in our studio!

Bring a lil omm into your home with these toddler-friendly activities.


"Toddler yoga provides an outlet that is both active & quiet, social & independent, structured & free. It is always nurturing and welcoming and place where I see my children shine."- LO student

Sing: Tick Tock Yoga clock, name singing and the Namaste song are all great ways to incorporate yoga in to your every day with your kiddo. Not only will they associate those songs with yoga class but they are also great tools to redirect energy and bring focus and attention. Check out our music, DVD, and book collection recommendations!

Did you know Meadowlark Music offers afternoon sing-a-longs @ LO on Friday afternoons?  Visit Meadowlark Music for schedule and registration info!

Dance: Turn up the music and dance with your toddler! Dance is a natural form of movement for children. They learn movement patterns as readily as they learn language. Dancing has many amazing benefits on social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. It can boost energy and mood and is just a fun way to exercise and connect with your kiddo! 

LO offers a drop-off Dance Class for kiddos ages 3-6 years with Miss Carrie on Tuesdays @ 4pm!

Play: Whether you are playing yoga or another activity your toddler loves, get down to their level and play! Kids learn through play. Actively engage with your child during play, it is great way to strengthen bonds and connection, while also creating lasting memories with your little one. 

Starting this March, we will offer Open Studio Work & Play on Friday afternoons from 2-5pm.  Enjoy a cup of tea, wireless internet, and opportunities to meet other LO families while your children enjoy the space and play with friends!

Massage: Massage is a great way to bond and relax with your little one. Check this site for massage tips!

Tips for maximizing your in-studio class experience


"What I love most about these classes is the positive energy. The kids are hearing more "yes" and less "no". They are encouraged to explore and participate without any expectation. There are certainly times my son wanders away from the group to "explore" the water cooler but he usually come back on his own if I am patient enough. Another surprise, he loves to help clean-up at yoga. Yoga can happen on or off the mat."- LO student

1. Be present: Let go of outside distractions. Be fully present in the class with your child. 

2. Be mindful: Practicing mindfulness and breathe awareness has many benefits for your child, but even more benefits for you! Being mindful of the class and your surroundings as well as your internal state are going to help ease stress and tension and also help to foster a calm and nurturing environment for all children. 

3. Be a model: Kiddos will not do exactly what we want to do when we want them to do it, but they are soaking up everything. Participate in every aspect of the class, even if your little one is running around the circle. 

Check out more suggestions about enjoying your in-class studio experience.

Kids & Family programs at LO


Some notes regarding Toddler Development:

1. Feet: Most children take their first steps around their first birthday, but don't worry if your child is one of the later ones – what's important is the progression of skills. Giving your child time to be barefoot in yoga class is a great way to help with foot development. Tickling and massaging your child’s feet are a great way to get them flexing and stretching their feet and leg muscles, which supports optimal development 

2. Intellectual development: To play is a child’s job! Everything is about discovery. Help support your child in discovering their bodies and the world around them.

3. Emotional development: Love and connection are so important in these early stages of development. Use yoga class as a time to show your little one how much you love and care for them. 

Let them explore, play, create, fall down and pick themselves up again. They are learning and soaking everything up, non-stop! Allow yourself to be present, mindful and calm and reap the benefits of yoga for the whole family! 

Visit Rhiannon's website, OmShantiRhi

View our Kids & Family Class Schedule online or using the LO Yoga App for iPhone and Android

Find Videos and Activities on our Youtube Page!


Wipe out Winter Blues: Wellness Workshops for Everyone @ Lil Omm

This March, lil omm welcomes a number of wellness experts who can help you wipe out the winter blues in a series of nourishing workshops! 


Friday, 3/6, 7-8pm: Join us for our Full Moon Dance Party with Jessica Lusty! Celebrate the JourneyDance™ of release and renewal as we connect to our inner fire, feel the strength of our bodies and dance our hearts' deeper expression. Come alone or with some friends! $20/person.

Sunday, 3/8, 6:15-8:15pm: Relax and renew at Yin Yoga: Energize, Balance, and Restore with Manisha Tare of Falling Leaf Wellness. All levels and prenatal students are welcome to enjoy this 2-hour meditative practice that includes yin and restorative poses, pranayama, and meditation. Activate your subtle body energy, reduce tension, and treat yourself to a practice that complements more active yang yoga practices.$35/person.


Friday, 3/13, 6:30-8:30pm: We all know stress causes inflammation and toxicity in the body, which in turn can lead to disease. When you can alleviate stress, you will sleep better, your moods will change, your digestion will improve, and you will feel a new sense of lightness. Just what we need any time of year! Explore the benefits of aromatherapy and create your own stress-relief blend in our Stress Less with Essential Oils workshop led by Hilary Mughloo. $40/each.

Friday, 3/20, 7:30-9:30pm: Inspired by Sarah Avant Stover's book, The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Lifewe come together as a community of women in our Rhythm of the Seasons Spring Retreat. Pleasance leads an evening of yoga, meditation, and self-care to help us blossom and grow. $40/each.


Sunday, 3/22 @ 6:30-8:00pm: By quieting the mind we will come to a place of stillness where we can prepare for the blossoming spring energy in our Acupuncture for Springtime Renewal workshop led by Jamie Wick. We will explore the springtime and what it has to offer based on the physical manifestations in nature and in our own body and mind. Acupuncture will be done on the ear, which is an especially profound style of acupuncture due to its gentle yet powerful effect on the body and mind. $30/person.


Guidelines for Playtime Classes


Playtime classes are adult practices where children of all ages are welcome into the studio/space.   Often class is taught in a classical vinyasa style or a signature blend we call YogaFit, which combines yoga, conditioning, and strength building exercises.


Often infants will nap in a carrier or enjoy time on a blanket near a parent’s mat while crawlers and toddlers may play together in the studio or unsupervised in the playroom.  Older children are welcome to use the studio space or playroom to do homework, read, craft, or even to practice alongside a parent.

We highly encourage older children interested in a classical vinyasa practice to explore a playtime class.

Although children are invited into the space, we do ask that all participants honor each other’s time and practice by following simple good neighbor guidelines. 

  • The first rule of thumb is safety.  Children are not allowed in the office or hallways during Playtime classes.
  • Respect other children, toys, props, and the yoga in session.
  • Be mindful of your children and attend to them as needed.  Only you are aware of your child’s readiness to participate or play unsupervised.
  • Teachers are responsible for leading the class, not providing childcare.
  • There are no snacks allowed in the playroom.  Please provide your children with a cup of water before or after class.
  • To encourage healthy social interaction with others, we ask that screens be left at home (tablets, smartphones, etc).
  • lil omm is a "No Put-Down" Zone.  
  • Kindly help put away toys with your children so that the playroom is in a safe and usable condition for the next class.
  • In case of excessive disturbances, we reserve the right to ask you to return at another time. Rambunctious play disrupts both playtime and yoga.

We hope that these guidelines will provide a framework to ensure our classes are of a high quality and can be enjoyed by our entire community--- those with and without children.

Playtime classes are held several times during the week and on weekends.  View schedule

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please e-mail us at


Mamas: Step Off the Hamster Wheel & Into the Calm

By: Alexandra Hughes

MAMA, read the statements below.
  • I am always in a rush – with or without kids, I am always on the go.
  • My “to do” list bounces annoyingly through my head all day long (and sometimes at night, too).
  • My mind is full, and doesn’t stop talking to me (argh).
  • I am ticking all my boxes (but not really enjoying much of it).
  • I am not connecting with my loved ones as often or in the way I want to.
  • I don’t recognize myself anymore.
  • I doubt myself as a mother and professional.
  • I say: “I am not enough. I don’t do enough” regularly.
  • I feel guilty.
  • I want to “ban busy” but I don’t know how.
  • By the time I’m ready to take time for mySELF, I’m too tired to enjoy it…
  • In fact, I’m pretty much always tired.

Are any of these statements true about you?

If these statements resonate with you, then take a moment now and breath a sigh of relief. Finding yourself in this place in today’s world (and in this crazy city) as a mother is completely normal.

You are not alone.

Five years ago, I answered YES to every one of the above questions! Every. Single. One.

A “make it or break it” moment happened when baby number 3 came along.

My hamster wheel was spinning out of control with just two kids. And somewhere deep inside of me I knew I’d be rolling down a parapit in that broken hamster wheel with three little creatures in tow.

Pregnancy and childbirth forced me to slow down, though. And as soon as I got off that hamster wheel I saw the light.  

I used my maternity leave and professional training allowance to get my Professional Coaching Certification and to begin a small coaching practice to support mothers to find themselves again. 5 years later, I am a proud D.C. Mom with three healthy kids, the founder of and a growing coaching practice that I love.

It was my baby, Joaquim, who forced me to step off that hamster wheel. You don’t need to have a baby to see the light, though.

If you are suffering from busy-itis, from not-enoughitis, from go-go-gophysis, stress and overwhelm, then please step off that wheel with me.

Starting on Wednesday, March 25, join me in the next Calm Mom Coaching Circle at lil omm. You'll rediscover CALM, JOY and a sense of who you are. That wonderful, mysterious YOU that got sucked into the crazy busy-ness that is D.C.

In the Calm Mom Coaching Circle, you will gently learn and practice Mama-friendly mindfulness. You will learn to identify what triggers your Momstress and sense of overwhelm. You will develop strategies to manage this stress and overwhelm. You will laugh. You will reconnect with YOU.

Here are some take-aways that one of my Calm Mom Coaching Circle graduate shares about her experience:

“The Calm Mom coaching circle helped me to learn to stop in moments of stress, to step back and shift perspective. I stopped being so judgmental (of myself and of others), and felt a growing sense of compassion. And I stopped feeling alone in this crazy journey that is motherhood.”

There are many scientific reasons why managing and reducing stress are important. I document three key ones in my latest blog.

Most important, though, is that finding calm makes you a kinder person – to you, to your partner, and to you little one(s).

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side of the rainbow,




Private Yoga and Well-being Sessions with Pleasance

NEW in 2015!  Private yoga and well-being sessions are a unique way to have your practice supported in for own home or office.

For this hour, Pleasance will work with you individually on your health, well-bring, and spiritual practices.  Based on her work as a yoga teacher and holistic health coach, instruction might include yoga, meditation, self-care, nutrition, aromatherapy, deep meditation, or setting up a sacred space in your own home or office.

A totally unique, customized experienced based on your needs as they are today and help you to release stress and tension while addressing any health concerns you may have.

These private sessions are intended for students of all levels and ideal for postpartum families and students who need a gentle practice, or students who have injuries and are not able to attend regular studio classes.

*If your home or office is not available, we can work on finding studio time.

1 session- $125
3 sessions- $300
5 sesssions- $465

Limited slots are available in 2015.  Please e-mail any questions to


Call for Donations: Go Give Yoga

By: Rhiannon Landesberg

On January 13th I will have the honor of traveling to Haiti where I will help lead a yoga training for young adult yoga teachers. I will also be leading children's yoga classes to children living in orphanages as part of my work with an international yoga non-profit, Go Give Yoga, which strives to share yoga and mindfulness tools to empower children and adults in impoverished communities.

When I travel in January I would like to bring a suitcase of goodies for our youth. These items will include mats, snacks and art supplies for our yoga sessions. If you have any interest in donating see below for a list, anything is greatly appreciated!

-large suitcase(s) you are willing to donate
-used yoga mats
-cliff bars (Luna or Kind bars are also great)
-dried fruit and turkey jerkey
-art supplies (Crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, construction paper, coloring books, etc.)

Please leave all items for donation for pick up by January 10th, 2015.

If you are interested in donating more than the above listed items, your monetary donation can help to provide more training for Haitian teachers and more yoga classes for Haitian children. We also work to combat hunger by providing the children we work with healthy and nutritious meals. $1 can provide one hot meal for a child in our program. $200 provides a month of hot meals for each child after yoga class and $2,880 can fund healthy meals for children up to a year.

Please help us work towards a sustainable future for Haiti's children. Visit Go Give Yoga if you are interested in learning more or getting involved. 


Referral Rewards @ LO

Have you heard about Referral Rewards?  It's our little way of saying thank you for referring your friends and family to lil omm.

# of Friends You Refer Reward
1 $5 off workshop, session, or multi-class pass
3 $15 off workshop, session, or multi-class pass
5 Free Workshop
10+ Private Yoga Class for Up to 4 People

When you refer a friend to LO, make sure they list you as their reference on their waiver. ALL new students MUST fill out a waiver.

Want to re-gift your reward to someone else?  E-mail their contact information, including e-mail to 


Make Time for "Me Time" Yoga this Spring

By: Holly Clay-Smith

“Finally it’s my time,” writes Washington Post journalist and author Abigail Trafford,”a time to refresh, revive and re-imagine one’s life.” 

Changes reaped by changes: illness, children leaving the “nest,” retirement can feel disorienting; in our culture, few rites-of-passage mark intersections of roads taken and the ones ahead. Me Time Yoga honors these cultivatable cross-roads. It’s for the me, who wants to make the journey ahead rich with meaning.

Starting on March 5, join us at  5:30 pm for a weekly Me Time Yoga class. We’ll do yoga, play, dance and connect. Embodying our inner resources, we’ll find ourselves getting unstuck and loosening joints, mindsets and buried sources of inspiration.

Engagement and interaction bring dreams and masked talents to the surface. Yoga, creative group expression, collaboration circles, and just plain fun are on the Me Time Yoga menu, a guide to a feast of possibility we prepare and enjoy together.

Open to the Possibilities, expand in community.

Click here to register or email for more information.