iCommit: A New Way to Honor Your Practice starting this July!

iCommit is a new program to help YOU commit to your practice.
What is it?  
Your commitment to attend 6 class over 8 weeks, which essentially gives you the commitment of a session based class while having the flexibility of a drop-in.
How does it work?
Starting July 1st, you buy an iCommit pass online or in our studio ($100), which is good for 6 classes over a consecutive 8 week period.  You choose which class (day/time) you want to commit to.  There will be no holds, extensions, or refunds for any unused classes before your iCommit pass expires.
This program allows your to commit to your practice and your yoga goals, while also lowering the cost per class compared to a drop-in.  Cost per class is roughly $16.67.


MySore Study Groups with David Ingalls

Gain yoga independence in our newest offering-- MySore Study Groups starting Thursday, July 3 @ 6am.  The studio is open from 6am-8am, with start times of 6am, 6:30am, and 7am.



Our goal is to help you get a maximum practice with individualized attention.

In this class, students learn the Ashtanga method of memorizing vinyasas and sequences over time while also incorporating Vini yoga's static and dynamic holding of certain postures when appropriate.  With the help of David, you will get a chance to work much deeper within posture and breath work (Svastha).


MySore is different from a typical yoga class, as the class is not led as a whole.  Instead all instruction is one-on-one within a group class setting.  David will assist each student individually as the rest of the students practice their own sequences of asanas at their own pace. 

Start your day with an open heart and clear mind.


The cost is $20/drop-in.  Class passes, memberships, and introductory offers are valid. Register




Don't Tax Wellness: 5 Reasons by Ian Mishalove

You have now probably heard about the new "yoga tax".  Here is a message written by Ian Mishalove, Co-Owner and Director of Flow Yoga Center.  It's so well written and informative we had to share!  Please show your support and Don't tax wellness!


Without warning, DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson just snuck a new “wellness tax” into the DC budget. It would stick every person in the DC with a 5.75% tax on purchases of all yoga and fitnesses classes or memberships. The final vote on the wellness tax is scheduled for next Tuesday, June 17th, so we have a week to convince everyone on the DC Council to reject this bad idea. 

Here are the "Top 5 Reasons Why the Wellness Tax is a Terrible Idea”. Please share them with the DC Council, and make sure they get the message: Don't tax wellness! ...

1) Healthy behavior should be encouraged, not taxed! DC is no stranger to the modern day epidemics of stress, stress-related illness, depression, anxiety, obesity, etc. Yoga and fitness are among the most potent antidotes to these problems. They should be made more (not less) accessible for DC residents. Like most of the country, DC doesn’t tax doctor visits, medications and medical procedures. Yoga and fitness -- which keep people healthy in the first place -- should be similarly tax exempt. Think of the irony here: "A doctor prescribes you a pill, and there's no sales tax. A doctor prescribes you to attend a yoga or fitness class, and you're taxed?!" (Share this with the DC Council, and tell them... Don't tax wellness!)

2) Beauty salons & construction firms are tax-exempt!? The wellness tax was dreamed up by the DC Tax Revision Commission [1] -- which also recommended many other new taxes. The DC Council cherry-picked their recommendations, and chose to exempt certain services from new taxes -- including beauty salons, construction firms, and hotel fitness facilities. If Councilmembers found sufficient reason to exempt these services, they should certainly exempt services that are essential to the health and wellbeing of DC residents. (Share this with the DC Council, and tell them... Don't tax wellness!)

3) DC tax relief doesn’t require a Wellness Tax. The DC Office of Revenue Analysis estimates that the wellness tax would generate $4.8M annually. [2] That’s a *small* part of the DC Council’s larger tax plan, which is predicted to deliver $165M in tax savings each year. How small is small? Well, if you divide the $4.8M from the wellness tax equally among DC’s 650k citizens, it would amount to just over $7 per person. Councilmembers can deliver DC solid tax relief without the negligible portion from this misguided tax. (Share this with the DC Council, and tell them... Don't tax wellness!)

4) Two wrongs don’t make a right. DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson argues that we’ve taxed wellness *products* -- like athletic equipment -- for many years, so we shouldn’t complain about expanding taxes to cover similar *services* too. Well, if one wellness-related tax is bad, two are worse! For all the reasons above, DC shouldn’t increase the price of wellness products OR services. Rather than build on a bad idea, Councilmembers should reject both. (Share this with the DC Council, and tell them... Don't tax wellness!)

5) More wellness = a stronger DC! Yoga and fitness have been clinically proven to make people healthier and happier, and (in turn) more productive, more self-reliant, and better able to function in society. This not only builds DC’s tax revenue base, it also reduces stress on city resources currently devoted to providing physical and mental health care, and to managing secondary ills from gaps in this care. (Share this with the DC Council, and tell them... Don't tax wellness!)

For these reasons, among others, please contact the DC Council today and tell them: Don't tax wellness!

Thanks in advance for making your voice heard!


THRIVE: Yoga as Life

This summer Pleasance leads a series of 3 Sunday night classes where we will stretch, breathe, read, connect, meditate and discuss the concepts and philosophies of yoga as a lifestyle. We will engage in goal setting, awareness, play and community as a way to take our practice deeper on and off and the mat.


We will meet on the following Sundays at lil omm from 7-9pm: 6/29, 7/27, and 8/24.  Check out this video introduction


Class 1 (6/29)- Sankalpa. We will focus on the concept around Sankalpa and the intentions we set for our lives. We will dive into setting up a home practice space, learn the basics of seated meditation & creating sacred spaces. Suggested reading "A Life Worth Breathing" by Max Strom.

Class 2 (7/27)- Values & Alignment.  We will investigate our own lives through our yoga practice. Specifically, in relationship to our values and how they integrate with our daily lives & our wellness practices. Suggested reading " Living Your Yoga" by Judith Lasater.


Class 3 (8/24)- Practical Magic. In our last session together, we will put it all together. How to take the simple and classic teachings and apply to our daily lives & turn into habits to THRIVE in our lives. Suggested reading "Bringing Yoga to Life" by Donna Farhi.

Check out these titles and more in our Amazon book store.  

This group will be limited to a small group in order to facilitate intimacy, depth, and transformation. Men and women of all ages are welcome. Cost: $150  Register.


We will be offering 1 scholarship.  E-mail info@lilomm.com and tell us why you want to take the course.



Kids Yoga (5-10yrs): Free Demo Class 6/3

It's no secret we LOVE to share yoga with children.  That's why we are co-hosting the first ever National Kids Yoga Conference this September with our friends from YoKid and GWU.  We are so excited to continue to plan and prepare for this special event and we hope that you will join us.




Check out this article we love, Giving Kids the Gift of Yoga: Top 10 Benefits of Yoga for Children by Positively Positive.  We can surely add to the list of benefits, but we'd rather hear it from you!  




All kiddos ages 5-10 are invited to our drop-off free kids yoga demo class on Tuesday @ 5-5:45pm with Holly Clay-Smith.  In this class, children explore poses that challenge their strength and flexibility while also enjoying fun partner poses that build confidence, self-awareness, and connection.  Beginners are encouraged. Register.


Kids Yoga Special Events this Summer @ LO:

Mother-Daughter Playdate Yoga (4-8 yrs) on Sat 5/31 @ 2:30pm with Pleasance

Downward Doll Yoga & Tea Party (3-6 yrs) on Sat 6/28 @ 2:30pm with Pleasance (drop-off)

Learn more and register under our workshops tab.



Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse Workshop with Gayatri Rauch

Seasonal cleansing, practiced in many forms of traditional medicine, is a practice with numerous health and lifestyle benefits. Assisting the body to gently release toxins at the change of seasons can help support optimal health, relieve seasonal allergies, assist in making dietary and lifestyle changes, and may prevent the development of chronic conditions. The Ayurvedic method of cleansing, as covered in this workshop, is gentle yet effective and easy to follow for almost anyone.


You're invited to explore ayurvedic cleansing this weekend!


Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse Workshop

with Gayatri Rauch


May 31, 2014  6am to noon

 Shanti Yoga Ashram at 4217 East West Highway Bethesda, MD 20814


Handouts and recipes and a shopping list will be provided to assist in continuing the cleanse at home for 7-10 days and repeating it seasonally. Some of the more difficult to find ingredients will also be available for purchase at the workshop (cost ranging from $5-$20 per item).


Schedule of Workshop

6:00am Sunrise yoga class

7:00 Silent meditation

7:20 Break

7:35 Ayurvedic Breakfasts and Liver Cleanse –cooking demonstration with breakfast provided

8:30 Clean up and break

8:45 Ayurveda basics and individual doshic analysis

9:45 Discussion of the complete Ayurvedic cleanse

10:00 Continued discussion of cleanse and preparation of kitchadi, the Ayurvedic cleansing meal –cooking demonstration with lunch provided

11:30 Lunch

12:00pm Clean up



To register, please contact Gayatri Devi at 312-593-6904 or yogamamadc@gmail.com by Thursday, May 29.  Fee for the workshop is $75 (includes breakfast and lunch)


Contraindications: Cleansing, even of this gentle type, is not recommended during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or for individuals who are anemic.


About Gayatri

Gayatri Devi has lived in the Shanti Yoga ashram since 2007 and has been teaching Ayurveda classes and workshops since 2009. She is currently studying for certification as an Ayurvedic practitioner with David Frawley and the American Institute of Vedic Studies. Gayatri also teaches yoga and infant massage and is a professor of yoga at American and George Washington Universities.

Gayatri's classes at lil omm: Prenatal on Wednesdays @ 12:30pm and Gentle Yoga Mondays & Wednesdays at 2pm.  Infant Massage sessions (check under workshops/sessions tab for upcoming dates).

Mommy Meet Up: Sleep. Eat. Play. Relax. @ LO this July

Our Mommy Meet Up series is designed for moms and their babies 0-12 months who are looking for connection, information, and support as we grow together as new moms.  

We will be offering 4 classes as part of the July series--- come to 1 or all 4!  Each class will have a unique focus and discussion/Q&A led by an expert. 


Image 6 


Week 1: July 14 @ 12:30pm.  Eat with Sharon Curry, IBCLC & China Smulson 

Sharon is a lactation consultant from the Holistic Mothering Group.  During this half hour, Sharon will answer your breastfeeding questions from getting a comfortable latch, maintaining a good milk supply, nursing on vacation or at work, to weaning & adding complementary foods.....whatever you ask, Sharon will do her best to answer. Besides answers, Sharon will bring two important things to this session: first, a  super accurate baby scale, so you can figure out exactly how much your little one is eating, and, second, yummy lactation cookies so mamma can have cookies while baby has milk!"  

In the next half China Smulson of Jolly Good Cuisine addresses beginning eaters in general, the how, what, whens; mixing breast milk with meals; highlighting unprocessed diets/fresh foods; recipe how tos; and takeaway literature.


Week 2: July 21 @ 12:30pm.  Play with Pleasance

Get ready to have some fun with your baby as you move, breathe, laugh, and sing together.  This class will blend the best of Itsy Bitsy, Baby & Me, and Postnatal Fitness while listening to great music and making new friends.


Week 3: July 28 @ 12:30pm.  Relax with Alexandra Hughes.

Join Alexandra Hughes, a mother's coach and co-founder of The Bliss Space to learn simple strategies to help you to BE a Mom in a relaxed, energized and self-loving way. This is for Moms who long to stay clear, grounded and vibrant in their motherhood journeys. Simple, practical strategies to help you turn motherhood into a lighter experience will be discussed and explored.


Week 4: August 4 @ 12:30pm. Sleep with Jessica Dodson

Gentle Sleep Coach and founder of Starlight Sleep Coaching, Jessica Dodson  is trained and certified by Kim West, aka The Sleep Lady. She works with families with newborns to 5 years to help them get the rest they need, and offer sleep education and planning services.

Together we will work  to create a sleep plan that incorporates your parenting philosophy, needs and goals as well as the temperament of your child. Bring questions!



Register for just one class ($30) or save on all 4 ($80).  Space is limited to 10 mama/baby pairs.


Mother's Day Recap & Inspiration

We had yet another spectacular Mother's Days celebration this year-- our 5th annual evening in honor of mamas!  We'd like to share some of the beautiful writings our mamas shared.  Our next Mom's Night Out is scheduled for Saturday, 7/26 @ 7:45pm.  Please be sure to RSVP as space is limited.

ladies night


by Rachel Nuzum

Like many others that wear this amazing badge of ‘mother’, I’m a planner. A worrier,  a doer.  I multitask, organize and end the day with a million scenarios playing out in my head. Even the mundane tasks are not immune to my neurosis – every decision an opportunity for research, public opinion polling and hours of agonizing. My journals turn quickly from romantic prose to to-do lists and pro’s and con lists of whatever I’m debating at the time:

  • One kid /two?
  • CO/DC?
  • Disposable/Cloth?
  • Vegan/Flexitarian?
  • Public/Private
  • Missionary or ….Missionary?

So imagine my surprise when I found myself, hours after running my second half marathon with 15K other women on a postcard-perfect day in DC money to fight cancer, propped up on a table in a tattoo parlor!

I hadn’t yelped them. I didn’t check for health code violations. I sat down and gave Dan my foot. 
“What do you think your family will say?” My friend asked in a conspiratorial whisper.  “I don’t know” I answered, “it’s not for them, it’s for me”.

And now I have wings reminding me that a Goddess lives here. One that knows that the answers will come when she stops asking the questions.


mothers day


Notes about Motherhood.

By Michelle O’Hara Levin


There are things about life people don’t tell you.

They forget to mention that acne is not just for teenagers.

They conveniently fail to bring up the gnarly stuff that happens when you are pregnant.  And, I can’t figure out if it’s that they won’t or if it’s that they can’t, but people also don’t explain that being a mom is the MOST.


That’s it – the most.


The most wonderful

The most intense

The most joyful

The most mind-blowingly amazing

The most difficult

The most dishes

The most bodily fluid filled (yours and others)

The most laundry

The most yelling (yours and others)

The most exhausting

The most vulnerable

The most brave

The most challenging

The most raw

The most pure

The most precious

The most love

The most adoration

The most, most, most dedication


It is the MOST of anything you will do and be.


My note to you (and to me) on this Mother’s Day 2014 is to recognize the most-ness of it all.  Take breaks from the hard most-nesses and relish, as much as you can, all the amazing most-nesses of motherhood.


mothers day to do


Sweet Dear Little One

By Katie Thornton


Oh, sweet dear little one,

            I will miss gazing down at you;

I already miss holding

            you in my lap while you

peacefully nourish yourself –


But I must let go;

            it is all that I can do -

for you, for me –

            I must release this

experience in all of its goodness,


In all of its hours,

            into the collective energy

of truth and connection that

            exists in the atmosphere –

I am strengthened now


By this prospect:

            that the 10,000 hours that we spent –

head in crook of arms, skin

            to skin – has somehow strengthened

the world in an equally


Subtle and powerful

            way that we cannot see

or touch or even

            know and too that

our connection,


Dear sweet little one,

            is rooted in the basic,

wholesome goodness

            that is our

True nature.  


You can also find other musings by Katie at: http://ktwritersrefuge.blogspot.com/.  Katie will also be leading our first ever Samurai Mama- a 4-week prenatal series focused on discovery, strength, and ofcourse yoga starting Tuesday, 6/3 @ 7:45pm



Samurai Mama: 4-Week Prenatal Series this June

Pregnancy is both a journey in its own right and a preparation for motherhood. In this session we will move through this journey together, honoring both where we are right now and what our bodies, hearts and minds are busy preparing us for.  Join us.
Led by Katie Thornton, all of the classes in this series will follow a general structure of: relaxation, meditation, yoga and more relaxation. Explore body/mind awareness; core body strengthening; heart opening and grounding in a consistent practice that builds on itself each week within the comfort of a community.
There will be a focus on core strengthening and awareness (core being both the multi-dimensional layers of muscles that support our growing body and babies) so that we can act and move from a place of strength and truth.  Katie teaches and practices the technique of non-focused awareness (this is where the Samurai comes from) in which we focus more lightly on all of our surroundings and label them less (for example, rather than, "this room is so dark; it is depressing me" we train to think, "dark room; sad feeling; sound of a bird; beautiful...."  This technique comes from the book, Birthing from Within and helped her tremendously during both of her births.
Heart opening practices can allow all of the experiences of motherhood to enter with decreased fear and, equally importantly, grounding exercises that will help when our emotions may take over both before childbirth, during and for years to come during motherhood.
You will leave this series with a repertoire of breathing, mindfulness, and physical practices that they can continue to practice at home and that may be of use during childbirth. All of this will be done in the comfort and strength of a supportive and friendly community.
Katie first found herself on a yoga mat in 1999 while volunteering at an all-girls middle school in Manhattan. Since then, yoga has been an infinite wellspring of inspiration, healing and personal transformation. Katie completed her 200-hour certification program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts in July, 2008. She returned to Kripalu in July, 2009 to complete a 75 meditation module; her first step towards 500 hour certification. She is deeply humbled and honored to be part of a lineage rooted in devotion and compassion.
Katie is the mother of two young girls and has found yoga to be even more vital in her journey as a mother. While pregnant with her first, she fell in love with prenatal yoga and recently took a Prenatal Teacher Training at Tranquil Space in Washington, DC. Further, as an educator, Katie has brought yoga to The Washington Middle School for Girls where she taught for six years and is deeply committed to bringing yoga to communities where it is lacking.
Katie loves the poetry of teaching yoga and weaves relevant themes and personal experiences throughout her classes, often sending practicing yogis off with a poem. Katie guides students in a focused, grounded practice rooted in the awareness of breath, movement and sensation. Her sincerest hope is to guide students to find their greatest teacher – themselves.