Halloween @ LO!

Looking for an ohh-so-omm (get it- awesome :) Halloween?  Look no further!  Our Kids and Family team has designed a week full of festive celebrations.  Grab your costumes, your face paint, or funny hats and join us!

First, all Itsy Bitsy Session Graduates are invited to our IBY Grad Reunion & Halloween Party on Tuesday, 10/28 @ 12pm.  This party is reserved only for our session graduates. Please RSVP online. Only $10/family.

On Friday, 10/31, all students are invited to come in costume!  Especially our 10:45am Yoga Flow/Playtime students  and our families in our Baby & Me Yoga Fit class at 12pm.

All LO families are invited to Meadowlark Music's special Halloween Sing-a-long class on Friday at 4pm.  Cost: $12/drop in.  For more information about Meadowlark at LO or to register through Meadowlark, click here

Families with children ages 2 and up are invited to our Halloween Party on Saturday, 11/1 @ 2:30-3:30pm.  Enjoy spirited yoga, dance, and movement with your LO friends, Pleasance, and Rhiannon.  $20/family (up to 4).  Register.

The celebration doesn't stop there!!!  Enjoy a Halloween themed Circus Yoga class at LO on Sunday, 11/2 @ 2pm.  This class will be offered weekly starting in November!  Learn more about Circus Yoga.

LO loves family yoga and holidays!  Stay tuned for more holiday events and family date nights.  Check workshops tab for more information!


Circus Yoga @ lil omm

By: Holly Clay-Smith

Join the “circus” experience to set loose your inner carefree and to mine creative juices. Take a breather to discover the simple joy of romping and playing, finding games and fun ways to build connections and express yourself uniquely, from the heart.

Circus Yoga came together as a thought, motion and activity phenomenon over months and eventually years. Founder Erin Maile, a dancer and yogi, and husband Kevin O’Keefe, a circus guru, collaborated, shared and blended their ideas and experiences into an imaginative and heart-centered whole.

Progressively humanistic educational philosophies, as well as ancient yogic tenets, underpin the light-hearted, activity-based sessions lending meaning and significance that the pure joyful simplicity belies. Trying new postures and sequences, like “flying” or balancing on a pole, refreshes us. Expanding our repertoires gets us out of our minds and into our bodies, out of the established here-and-now and into the realm of the possible.

Come be part of the circus at lil omm and learn what “heart style” means to you and your family!  Open to families with children ages 6 and up.  As one LO parent states, "It’s fun to pretend to be an acrobat and to do silly colorful things with your kids."- AS

Our next Circus Yoga offerings will be held on 9/21 @ 2pm, 10/12 @ 2pm, and 10/26 @ 2pm.  Register under our Daily Classes tab. 

We will offer Circus Yoga weekly starting this November!

Discover other Kids & Family programs at LO!


Prenatal Yoga: Use Your BRAIN

Written by: Michelle Brady

Researched and Edited by: Sarah Vogel

Birth Workers love acronyms. We use them as an easy tool to educate parents on ways they can advocate for themselves during pregnancy and labor. Some examples of birth acronyms are PAIN (Purposeful, Anticipated, Intermittent, Normal) for discomfort from contractions and COAT (Color, Odor, Amount, Time) for spontaneous rupturing of membranes. The acronym that I go to consistently is BRAIN, which is a helpful tool for parents to use when interventions may be suggested during a mother’s labor. BRAIN stands for: 

Benefits- What are the benefits of this procedure/induction/etc?

Risks- What are the Risks?

Alternatives: Are there any Alternatives?

Intuition- What is your Intuition/gut telling you?

Nothing- What if we do Nothing?

I love using BRAIN because it can be used in all aspects of your life. I especially love using BRAIN for prenatal yoga because in the face of controversy about different poses/asanas, it can help both students and teachers find the right balance in the poses/asanas that work for them.

An example of this is Viparita Karani, or more commonly known as Legs Up the Wall pose. In this pose, students lie on their backs with their legs up against the wall. All expecting mothers have heard at one time or another that it is not safe for pregnant women to lay on their backs. The explanation is that lying on the back compresses the inferior vena cava vein, which can lead to a drop in fetal heart rate.

What does this mean for a pregnant mother’s yoga practice? We took a look at the research and here is what we found:

There are only a couple of studies about lying on the back during pregnancy that we could find and they were pretty inconclusive. For example, a study from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of North Carolina Memorial Hospital found that out of 25 women, 2 women became hypotensive and symptomatic.

In another study, the women were laid on their backs and 2-4% of mothers had “significant aortocaval compression” but it did not lead to fetal distress. The study also states that sleeping on the left or right showed the same results. (Although, I always encourage mothers who are in the middle or late third trimester to sleep on their left side; not because of the vena cava issue, but for optimal fetal positioning.)

While the study found that these conditions happen to only a few mothers, no one can predict who will get these symptoms. That is why many practitioners and educators warn mothers in order to prevent it as a whole.

So,how does this help your prenatal yoga practice? This is where BRAIN comes in.

BRAIN for Legs Up The Wall pose (Viparita Karani)

Benefits: Relieves varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles, assists thyroid function.

Risks: May cause dizziness and in rare cases fainting.

Alternatives: Use a bolster or roll up a blanket under your hips to relieve pressure on the vena cava.

Intuition: Listen to your body. How do you feel when you are in this pose?

Nothing: What if you did not do this pose? You could move into another pose or ask your instructor for a modification.

BRAIN can be a great way to dissect a pose that you are not sure about and allow you to make the decisions that best support your needs.

In an effort to inform and inspire students and teachers, this post is the first of a four-part series on prenatal yoga and controversial groups of poses, including:
  • Inversions
  • Twists
  • Backbends

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on BRAIN and its value to teaching and practicing prenatal yoga.

Michelle Brady is a mother to three, a birth doula, prenatal yoga teacher, and certified HypnoBirthing practitioner. In addition to being a birth worker, she offers various yoga and education classes to mothers and their growing families in the Washington, DC metro area.

Sarah Vogel is a communications professional, yoga teacher, prenatal and postnatal fitness instructor, and most important, mom to a 4-month old son. She strives to help her students reap the benefits of yoga and fitness in a safe and empowering environment.


Childcare @ lil omm

This Fall we have added several more classes with childcare and would like to remind all students about our Childcare Policies. Please be mindful that we are a yoga studio and not a daycare, therefore these policies are intended to make everyone's experience safe and enjoyable while honoring your practice.


1. Please put your mat close to the childcare door, so that we can easily find you when your child needs you.

2. ALWAYS take your child to the bathroom or change diapers before class starts. We are not able to take children to the bathroom or change diapers during classes. If your child needs to go, we will find you in class.

3. We will care for your children as best we can, but we will not allow kiddos to cry for extended periods of time during classes, or allow children to enter the studio while an adults-only class is in session. We want them to be in loving and nurturing environments and understand childcare is not appropriate for all children.

4. Sign in for childcare as early as possible as we only have a limited number of spaces and lots of families who want to use it! When childcare is full, we kindly ask you to sign up for another class to honor the safety and fun for all children. If you have any difficulties signing in online or using the App, please schedule a time to sit with us so we can show you how to easily sign into childcare. It is more important to sign up for childcare rather than the class, and our App can make this very easy! See the link below to download!

5. If you are late for class, please enter through Wisconsin Ave door. Teachers lock the back door 10 minutes after class has started. When taking adult - only yoga, please do not come after 10 minutes of class starting. If childcare is full and there are families waiting, you may forfeit your reservation.  Find our late policy here.

6. Please do not bring your child when they are sick.  We reserve the right to ask you to return at another time, as our center caters to expectant parents, newborns, and students with compromised immunities.

7. Please do not bring technology into the playroom to use with kiddos.  (iPads, iPhones, leapads, computers, etc). It is very distracting for other kiddos and our childcare staff want to PLAY with your kids! Please only bring toys that kids WANT to share with other childcare kids (this excludes lovies, pacifiers, blankets, and soothing objects).

8. We ask that parents do not send snacks into the childcare room. Sippy cups should be labeled. lil omm is a nut-free space.

9.  When childcare is not offered, older children are welcome to use the space at no charge to study or read while a parent is in class.  More about childcare here under our FAQs

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask!


A Note About Kids & Family Programming @ LO

What an exciting week we had! LO welcomed many new families during our Kids & Family free demo week as we unveiled our newest classes for children of all ages! We believe development is the best indicator for class readiness, not just age so please feel free to explore our different classes and contact us with any questions!

Setting Expectations:
The goal of family yoga classes at Lil Omm is to create an opportunity for connection, calm, and play between a parent and child. If your child doesn't participate in all the activities (e.g runs around the side of the room) or just watches - DON'T STRESS. The teacher does not mind, so the parent shouldn't either! It doesn't matter - just have fun and observe your child having fun.

Be Present:
Be truly present and free of distractions. Modeling mindfulness for your child goes a long way in developing their awareness of the yoga practice. Please leave phones, toys, snacks and stress at the door! We also ask that you try to arrive to class early/on-time so that your family can settle into the space and warm up safely. We ask for families running late to enter through the Wisconsin Ave entrance and check-in at the front-desk. Late students may forfeit their reservations when class is full.

As with anything kids learn, it's all about consistency and repetition. The more you come to class, the more the poses and principles will sink in and become second nature to them. So come often! Because we're not session based, we don't build with each class so you won't be "behind" if you miss several weeks. But you'll find that the more you come, the more you and your child will get out of it.

At-Home Practice:
The more kids see their parents loving yoga, the more it will be something they want to model. But you don't have to have an established practice to work yoga into everyday life with your kids. It can be little moments of repeating something fun from class - a few minutes to do monkey in a tree before bath or getting into down dog for kids to crawl under as they play. Check out our Youtube page for some at-home inspiration!

Taking Away More than Just Poses:
Coming to a Lil Omm class offers so much more than just a series of poses. Yoga provides a far wider set of tools to draw on as a parent - calm down techniques, fun ways to connect physically and emotionally with your child, songs to sing (e.g. try Rub Your Hands when washing hands before dinner!). Observe what your child responds to in class and work those principles/actions/words into everyday activities. And, keep that lil omm class vibe in your heart even out of the studio. Repeating "my little light sees your little light" in your head goes a long way during the tough parenting moments!!

A word about enrollment:
With such a wonderful response and turnout to our classes, we do ask that you sign up for class in advance. You are able to make single or recurring reservations using our online interface or by using our App available for iOS and Android. You may also cancel existing reservations!

If you are unable to make a class, we ask that you cancel your reservation as soon as possible so you do not forfeit your payment and so another child/family can join us! We cap our kids and family classes to ensure a safe space where each child feels honored and well-attended.

As our studio caters to a number of families, infants, and expectant mamas we ask that you keep sick children at home.  Children with fevers, runny noses, or phlegmy coughs may be asked to return at another time.

And pricing options:
We offer a number of class pass packages (5, 10, and 20-packs), membership (starting at $125/mo), and single use drop-ins. All of our kids’ drop-off classes and our & Me classes (Crawlers & Me, Baby & Me, Jumpers & Me, etc) are paid for per the number of children attending ($20 + $10/additional sibling). Know which class you want to commit to?  Check out our iCommit program!

Parking & Gear:

There is free and metered parking on Chesapeake, 42nd, and surrounding neighborhood streets. There is no parking permitted in the rear parking lot during weekday mornings. Rear lot parking is available ONLY on weekdays AFTER 4pm and at all times during weekends and holidays. We welcome you to bring your personal belongings into the studio, but ask that you keep all diaper bags, handbags, etc in the cubbies along the windows and back door. Do not bring your personal belongings to the mat. Strollers can be kept folded up in front of our rear door or in our hallways in case of inclement weather.

Student Referrals and LO in the Community:
To keep classes sustainable, we ask for your support in spreading the word about our classes and programs! We offer 2 different student loyalty programs! Our Gifts of Gratitude program for committed students and also our Referral Rewards program, where students earn rewards and prizes for word-of-mouth referrals! More info here!

The first Tuesday of every month is our Bring a Friend NEW to lil omm for free! Friend must be new to lil omm and must attend class with you. LO teachers are also involved in a variety of after school yoga programs, spreading yoga and mindfulness throughout the DC schools.

We support a number of schools throughout the Metro Area and are thrilled to be part of your auctions and special events. Interested in hosting a private party or event at lil omm? E-mail us at info@lilomm.com


Mindful Pregnancy, Prepared Birth: 5-wk Childbirth Education Series

Mindful Pregnancy, Prepared Birth: A Childbirth Education Series for Expecting Parents

Little Bird Community Acupuncture, Sundays (10/5-11/2) @ 2:00pm - 3:30pm.  Located at 1640 Columbia Road NW, Washington DC 20009.

Cost: Sliding scale $150-$300.

During this five-week course, expecting families will come together with doula and educator Anna Carson DeWitt to prepare for childbirth, and empower themselves with concrete techniques for comfort and wellbeing during the transformative childbearing year. Each 90-minute session will focus on a different aspect of the pregnancy and birth journey, with an emphasis on hands-on learning, and plenty of space for questions.


Session One, Care and Comfort During Pregnancy:

Anatomy of the pregnant body, comfort measures, nutrition, sleep solutions, gentle exercises, and emotional resources for all nine months.


Session Two, Preparing for Labor During Pregnancy: 

Coping techniques, movements, meditations, positioning, and coping techniques for practice prior to birth.


Session Three: Techniques for use During Labor and Birth

All about hospital birth, emotional and physical birth activities, communicating with care providers, options for pain relief, writing and presenting a ‘birth plan’.


Session Four: Caring for the Newborn

Newborn feeding, sleep, swaddling and baby wearing, baby-parent bonding.


Session Five Postpartum Recovery and Self Care: 

Emotional and physical comfort measures, gentle exercise, nutrition, relationship maintenance, transitioning to parenthood.


About Anna:

A prenatal doula, birth doula, postpartum doula and childbirth educator since 2007, Anna Carson DeWitt has found great joy in supporting woman and childbearing families from Washington DC to Honduras. She believes that all women deserve to feel emotionally safe, physically supported and empowered by knowledge during pregnancy and birth, and that all women are equal to the challenges and joys of this incredibly powerful journey. To learn more about Anna and her work, visit annacarsondewittdoula.com.


Meadowlark Music @ lil omm

Singalong Socials are a chance to celebrate music on a Friday afternoon with your own little ones and with other Moms, Dads, Caregivers and little ones in your community. It's a larger group and the atmosphere is welcoming and joyful. 

Dates: FRIDAYS, Sept 12- Dec 12*  (no Singalong Nov 7 & Nov 28)
Times: 4-5pm
Location: Lil Omm, 4708 Wisconsin Ave, NW
Ages: 0-5 years
Cost: $100/family (12 Singalongs plus newest CD!), or drop-in at $12/family.

Join us for a special class on Halloween!  We will be celebrating in style, costumes welcome! And with some (not scary) halloween themed songs and a little treat to take home. There is no extra charge for this class (regular pre-registered session rate, or drop-in rate applies).

About Amber, founder of Meadowlark Music:
I have been a music educator and then I was a performer for 2 years, writing my own music and singing it with others. It has been inspiring and beautiful to share those two passions with the other families in our vibrant DC community. The goal is to give everyone who attends a calm and connected experience that only music can give to us as humans and to just celebrate life as your week ends and your weekend begins. This time the session will come with an original CD (professionally recorded but with the same 'real-life' vibe you'll find at the Singalongs) to take home and enjoy together.


Running and Yoga: Opposites Attract

Runners—ever suffered from knee or back pain?  Sore feet?  Tight hamstrings?    Some of this pain could be attributed to tightening of muscles, constricting of connective tissue and misaligning of joints. Ever thought yoga was not for you? It is!  Although yoga and running are often considered to be opposites on the exercise spectrum, yoga can offer a nice balance to these common discomforts runners experience by elongating those muscles, loosening tightness, and offering some much needed restoration to the body.

Yoga can also offer runners (and all athletes in general) increased strength, balance, and flexibility while connecting breath with movement.  But there’s more!  The mindfulness and body awareness that a regular yoga practice can cultivate is important to a healthy, long-term running regimen.

Join Jen Young as she leads our Yoga for Runners workshop on Sunday, 9/28 @ 2-2:45pm to learn specific asanas and pranayama (breathing) techniques to improve your runs, relieve common runners’ discomforts, and restore your body.  Many of the issues that runners face could be prevented with proper warm-up and cool down. This workshop will provide you with a yoga flow sequence you can use as a pre-run warm-up and a sequence for post-run cool down.  You will also explore some pranayama breathwork to build your cardio-respiratory capacity.

Like the idea of marrying cardio with strength training and yoga?  Check out our StrollerFit classes!  You don't need a stroller or children to participate!


Curvy Yoga Workshops

Curvy Yoga is not just a style of yoga, but a movement consisting of yoga teachers and students of all shapes and sizes who want a supportive, body positive practice.

We offer a regular weekly Curvy Yoga class on Mondays @ 7:45pm and are thrilled to announce a few upcoming workshops designed for our Curvy Yogis.  Come to 1, 2,  or pre-register for all 3 and save on enrollment.

Founder of Curvy Yoga, Anna Guest-Jelley guest teaches at lil omm!

Curvy Yoga Inversions with Emily Star
Saturday, Oct 18 @ 2:30-3:30pm

Inversions provide a host of benefits: they stimulate the crown and throat chakras, allow the lymph system to drain and for the heart to have to pump less vigorously, and teach us how to live calmly even when our world is upside-down.

However, they are not often taught in a curvy-accessible way. We'll practice a variation of shoulderstand that is completely supported and restorative, learn how to use straps to not become suffocated by our bosoms, and work with partners, props, and the wall to explore this exciting and energizing family of poses.

Cost: $20/person.  Register.  Pre-register for all 3-workshops (Curvy Yoga Pass) for $55.

Curvy Yoga Backbends with Emily Star

Saturday, Nov 15 @ 2:30-3:30pm

In this workshop, we'll explore one of the most therapeutic pose families. If you feel regularly hunched over from hours behind a computer or steering wheel, it becomes all the more important to learn how to un-tense your shoulders and neck.

Once we learn strategies for that, we'll explore how your whole body can be supported with props and key muscle actions to find ease in variations of cobra, camel, bridge, and even wheel!

Energetically, backbends stimulate the Anahata Chakra, or heart center. Jivamukti yoga teacher Sharon Gannon writes, "Backbends take us into our future. As they open our heart, we begin to forgive others and let go of seeing ourselves as victims. We can through forgiveness dissolve the hurts that have kept us from our true nature, which is love….With practice, we develop tremendous strength that enables us to move forward in life with a sense of adventure, fearlessly, with joy, confidence, compassion and love—the path to enlightenment.”

Cost: $20/person.  Register.

Curvy Yoga Level 2 with Dena Kahn
Saturday, Dec 6 @ 2:30-3:30pm
Are you looking for ways to challenge yourself in your yoga practice? In this workshop, we'll practice ways to 'bring it' on the mat in a true-to-you way. Expect some long holds and balancing postures on hands and feet.

Cost: $20/person.  Register.


StrollerFit In & Around DC this Fall!

StrollerFit is a high-intensity workout designed to help mama's condition, build strength, and feel great by combining cardio with strength training!  Walking or running is broken up with exercises that target all muscle groups.  A great workout for all levels, but come expecting to sweat!  Classes are held at various locations throughout DC including Turtle Park, the National Cathedral, and the National Zoo.

Tuesdays @ 9:30am at Turtle Park-- 45th & Van Ness Streets.  Meet at Tennis Courts.

Wednesdays @ 8:15am at the Cathedral.  Meet at Front Lawn.

Thursdays @ 9:30am at the Zoo.  Meet at Main Entrance (Connecticut Ave).

Saturdays @ 9am at Turtle Park-- 45th & Van Ness Streets. Meet at Tennis Courts.

Check out these mamas at the Zoo! 

No Stroller?  No problem!  Our class is open to all interested in this energetic outdoor regimen.  Please bring a towel or mat, along with water.  

Because our class is held outdoors, we do ask that you register online in advance so we can notify students of any weather-related cancellations.