Teacher Feature: Emily Star

We'd like to welcome Emily Star, E-RYT 200, to the lil omm team!  This May, you will find her subbing several classes including Curvy Yoga on Monday evenings while our beautiful Dena is on maternity break.

Emily's classes feature dynamic postures that can be made accessible to all participants, alignment-focused cues and adjustments, and intelligent sequences that promote a strong, centered, and nimble practice.

She also offers guided meditations and breathing exercises to help students explore the dimensions of yoga. Her goal in teaching is for students to feel empowered and at ease in their bodies. While trained in Vinyasa (and currently learning about prenatal yoga with ISHTA teacher April Puciata), Emily is inspired by many different traditions and teachers - including Kripalu, Hatha, Yin, Forrest, and Curvy Yoga - and seeks to incorporate their wisdom in her classes.


king pigeon


Years Practicing Yoga: on and off since 2004, on since 2009

Class Schedule & Highlights: subbing for Dena’s Curvy Yoga (Monday nights @7:45 – 8:45pm) while she is on maternity leave

What Makes Me Smile Everyday: 1. Puppies. I don’t have a dog so please tell me about yours! 2. My teachers. 3. My students.

Hobbies, Pursuits, Inspirations: I’m just starting to get into blues dancing, and I enjoy plinking around on a piano. I love to cook, eat, and trade vegetarian recipes. I go for walks – Sligo Creek, C&O canal, Capital Crescent Trail, Bethesda Trolley trail – and always feel more myself afterward.


  • Yoga Pose: It varies! Today I’m saying Half Moon.
  • Season: I loved winter this year and never got tired of the snow.
  • Food/Cuisine: Indian
  • Travel Destination: Southern California
  • Quote: “Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind - even if your voice shakes” – Maggie Kuhn



lil omm's StrollerFit In & Around DC coming this April!

StrollerFit is back and better than ever!  Starting this April, you can enjoy an exciting 1-hour class that blends cardio and bursts of strength training throughout DC!  Don't have a kiddo/stroller but want an awesome workout while taking in the sights-- no problem!




@ ZOO- Mondays @ 12pm with Shay & Tuesdays @ 9:30am with Suzanne

Meet @ Main Entrance, Conn Ave. 


@ Cathedral- Wednesdays @ 4pm with Pleasance 

Meet at Cathedral's Front Lawn.


@ Turtle Park- Saturdays @ 9:30am with Suzanne

Meet at Tennis Courts.


Let us know who to look for!  Register using the lil omm yoga app, available for Apple/Android.  Questions?  E-mail us at info@lilomm.com 


Get to Know Abundant Mama: Shawn Fink


We are excited to introduce you to Shawn Fink, mama, author, and all-around inspirational woman.  She has been called the Yoda of Mamas. Through e-courses and books, she inspires and teaches women to care for themselves so they can care for their families. She is the author of The Playful Family and founder of The Abundant Mama Project, an ecourse for busy mamas who want to be more peaceful, playful and present. Sign up for her weekly peace notes to get more ideas for creating your own inner peace this season.


We were able to catch up with her and ask some interesting questions!  Check out her answers below.


What’s your story?

My story is I am on a mission to create a more happy, peaceful world — one family at a time. I’m doing this through writing and e-courses in The Abundant Mama Project. I’m a mama of twin girls, who are 8, and a wife. 
What inspires you?
My daughters inspire me and gift me with grace and witnessing my own imperfection every single day. But I’m also inspired by nature and how it is at once so fierce yet so fragile. And mothers of all walks of life inspire me. The challenges and hopes and dreams they move through in a day are always moving to me. 
What would you do with an ENTIRE Saturday afternoon to yourself?
Good question. I have, on rare occasions had this pleasure, and I didn’t know what to do. So I created an energy list that allows me to take full advantage of the time. It changes by the season but most of the time I would choose watching a good movie and eating take out — alone!
What’s the best part of running your business?
Besides being able to be here for my girls before and after school? Meeting amazing moms around the world and getting their happy emails of how I’ve helped change their lives. It is a real dream to have finally found work where I am truly making a difference.
What is a typical day for you?
I get up early, around 5:30, and do my morning ritual of setting a daily intention, writing and meditation. And then I”m the Mom for a couple of hours. I walk the girls to the bus stop and then start planning, creating, writing and communication everything happening in The Abundant Mama Project for the week. I usually eat lunch in silence, a new meditative practice I’m trying out. And I write as much as I can all afternoon. At 4 p.m., I walk to the bus stop and put on my mom hat for the next several hours. We try and get outside at this time, if the weather cooperates. I always make dinner and we do homework. After they are in bed, I take care of social media scheduling for the next few days to keep the flow going. 
What’s something awesome you do with your kids?
The wildest thing I do is roller-skate with them. I love it. It’s one of my happiest things to do with them in life. On a more average day, though, I try to inspire a feeling of awesome in the ordinary, you know? We keep it simple. We take hikes, and play games and cook together. This is more important to me than doing anything expensive or over-the-top. 
Any mentors you’d like to give a shout to?
Of course, Karen Maezen Miller. She changed the direction of the parenting track I was on very early in the game. I read her book when my girls were just 10 months old so I’ve had nearly 8 years of her wisdom guiding me along and teaching me how to really just be ourselves. [Guess what?  Karen Maezen Miller returns to LO June 21-22 for a Weekend in Paradise]
What blogs to you read?
I find many parenting blogs to be rather distracting to my simple-is-best approach to motherhood so I don’t read very many at all. Instead, I fill my own motherhood well with family bloggers in the Baltimore/DC area like Classic-Play and Gems of Delight.


pinterest profile

Download a free copy Shawn's latest e-workbook "6 Ways to a Peaceful Home for your Community"

Join us on Sunday, April from 1-3pm for our Abundant Mama Journaling Circle. Shawn will guide you through transformative journal prompts meant to wake you up and get you thinking about your motherhood story. Each of the four prompts will take you through a self-discovery journey focused on being a playful, present and peaceful mama.  Cost: $45/person.  Register today! 



From Power Struggles to Cooperation- An 8-wk Coach-Led Parenting Exploration

Parenting series starting soon in DC to journey in compassionate exploration of your relationship with your child/ren and turn power struggles into cooperation, nurturing trust and connection first. Based on principles and tools from Nonviolent Communication and Positive Discipline. Select Tuesday mornings, Dupont Circle, DC.

Spring 2014 Offerings 
March 18 - May 13
April 11
Dupont Circle, 6:30-9:30pm
May 23-26 Memorial Day Weekend
Abrams Creek, WV
June 28 - July 5, 2014
If you are looking for a whole-family or community camp, look no further! Come and co-create a compassionate community with us in the mountains of West Virginia. 
Registration opens February 14, 2014 
Abrams Creek, WV
From Power Struggles to Cooperation 8 Week Series Mar-May 2014
Collaborative Communication |Restorative Practices & Circles| Parenting & Education | 
Core Life & Relationship Coaching | Conscious & Holistic Marketing
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Snap Happy! Photography 101 with Julie Kubal

Ever noticed the beautiful images of LO teachers and their families (and pets) adorning our walls?  These images were captured by local photographer Julie Kubal, who will be leading a Photography 101 workshop at LO on Sunday, March 30!  Register today, as space is limited!

SH Lil Omm Flyer Front


Julie will share with you some simple strategies to get you happy with your snapshots (hint: understanding lighting is KEY!), and we will even have the opportunity to practice the skills you learn in the class. We will touch on the following topics:

* organizing and preserving your memories

* discovering the Five Steps to getting Snap Happy

* learning to find and utilize natural lighting

* composing an amazing shot

All you will need is a camera (a DSLR is NOT required) and desire to create beautiful family memories!


More about Julie: Julie Kubal is a DC-area photographer with over 10 years of professional experience, specializing in babies, children, and families. Julie is known for her simple, crisp compositions that capture authentic emotion in her subjects. As a mother, she also documents the everyday life of her own family, from Lego play to jumping on the bed to the all-too-rare moments of peace, quiet, and sleep. Her love of photography began while she was serving in the Navy, when she had the opportunity to live abroad and travel extensively, always with camera in hand.  She received formal photographic training at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, and is also a graduate of the documentary photography and photojournalism program at the International Center of Photography in New York City.  Her work has been published in the New York Times and Newsweek, as well as other local and national publications, and now graces the walls of the homes of many families in the DC area and further afield.



Girl Rising: Movie Screening and More Info on How You Can Help!

We are proud to support LO teacher Sarah Waxman in raising awareness of women rights and are asking for small donations to support Tahirih Justice Center, which does legal work for local women sold here for sex trafficking.
Check out more info about GirlRising and catch the screening tomorrow in Cleveland Park!


Offload Mama Overload Workshop- A Snow-Day Stress Solution

Offload Mama Overload Workshop  - A Snow-day Stress Solution

by: Alex Hughes & Ruth Polden



If being snowed-in is stressing you out, if the snow load is tipping the balance boat, if kids at home are driving you crazy then read on…

Moms live a delicate balance. Our plates are full. The balls we juggle are many. And that self-care ball is too often the smallest, the one that most often gets thrown too far, too high and doesn’t get caught in time. In other words, it too often gets neglected.

You know this, Mama. You’ve heard it too many times before. But there is some deeply engrained understanding that putting ourselves anywhere but last on our own list is selfish. We may not say this out loud, but we sure act it out. 

The thing is, from a holistic perspective, SELFcare isn’t only about SELF, is it?

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard from my clients, from my fellow Mom yoga students at Lill Om, that coaching and yoga both make them happier, kinder people. They are nicer to their kids, they are nicer to their partners.

So it isn’t selfish AT ALL – it is actually an act of LOVE. Love for SELF ends up being LOVE for others.

Yet we keep putting this act of SELF-LOVE and FAMILY-LOVE last on the list.

We do this all year round, and we’ve had to do it a lot this winter because if you are anything like me, SNOWdays has meant more work in less time. And so we let our self-care slide and use that time to do other important things.

Mom, don’t let the SNOW slow your SELF-CARE down. 

Take a moment to fulfill your own needs, Mom, and Offload your Overload at this Sunday’s workshop from 1-3pm – a time and space designed to help Moms feel confident and energized in themselves as mothers and women. Through a combination of meditation, yoga, mindful movement, coaching, and writing Moms will identify current challenges, reconnect with a loving caring inner SELF and find practical solutions and answers. Our unique fusion will leave Moms feeling relaxed, energized and empowered with simple, practical “take-away” tools and strategies.

The workshop is run by theblissspace.com, where we believe that supporting and empowering mothers towards clarity, confidence, joy and relaxation in their choices and identity can change the world. 

Hope to meet you there!

Alex & Ruth


LO Teacher Feature: Robyn Greenhouse

You may see her subbing more at lil omm, but Robyn Greenhouse is no stranger!  She started at lil omm years ago, teaching kids yoga classes and taking good care of kiddos in our playroom. This spring, she returns to lil omm as a regular sub for Gentle Yoga and Yoga 1-2.

Robyn with her aussiedoodes Puddles & Sunshine!
Having completed her 200 hour teacher training, Robyn is thankful for Dena Kahn and  Dyhana Delatour for helping her find her way back to LO.  She is especially thankful for Pleasance's hard work and never ending support!
Robyn really enjoys sharing yoga with all the different levels of students at LO. In her classes, you can expect a gentle challenge, but will leave feeling confident in your practice, connecting movement with each breath.  She mentions, "Through the years of practicing yoga, learning to pay attention to my breath has helped me to think before reacting. Not always, I'm still working on it!"
Yoga has also taught her to find trust in herself by listening more to herself. "It would be hard to imagine life without yoga at this point. I'm not sure what books would be piling up on my night table if it wasn't for yoga!"
At home, Robyn is busy raising 3 boys and 2 dogs with her husband of nearly 20 years.  Now that her kids are a little older and moe time has opened up for her, she's energized about teaching yoga more and has also discovered a love for online courses! So far Robyn has taken a photography class online, positive psychology class online, and now art!



Trifecta Wellness Women's Retreat May 3-4

Isn't It About Time That You Put Yourself First?

Check out Trifecta Wellness' weekend Women's Retreat.  10 Spots Reserved for lil omm students at a special, discounted rate.  Register today!

include banner
As busy moms, daughters, sisters, friends, and more, women don’t always take time for themselves to recharge, renew and reconnect with their soul’s purpose. All of the programs have been created with you in mind. The goal of this retreat is to, “get away without going away.” Re-connect with your inner goddess through yoga, meditation, outdoor activities and spa services. Take time to get grounded by connecting with the earth and with other women as we relax and unwind.

The day and a half program will take place at the Carderock Community Center in Bethesda, MD. Plenty of parking is available onsite.

The day and a half women's wellness retreat will include:

  • Women's Yoga Classes
    Flow Vinyasa Yoga lead by Suzie Blackman, RYT-200
    Restorative Yin Yoga lead by Rick Kowalewski, RYT-200
  • Group kayak session led by Potomac Paddlesports. Enjoy a beginner-friendly, flat water kayak trip on the beauitful C & O Canal.
  • Enjoy a guided afternoon trail hike at Great Falls, MD.
  • Mini-spa services. Sign up for a 30-minute massage or 30-minute facial (additional fee).
  • Five healthy, hearty meals that are gluten & dairy free, naturally vegan.
  • Full use of the Community Center's Tennis Courts & BBQ's for Grilling
  • Surrounding Trails & Picnic Tables
  • AND more group education sessions will be included as the schedule is finalized!

Renew your inner goddess while make new friends and renewing old friendships!


Wellness Retreat Daily Schedule (subject to minor changes)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

8:00 am - Check in at Carderock

8:30 am - Welcome & Introductions

9:00 am - Yoga Flow with Suzie

10:15 am - Light Breakfast

10:45 am - Meditation, Setting Intentions & Vision Board Workshop with Leslie

12 pm - Lunch at Carderock

1:30 pm - Outdoors at Great Falls, MD (Choose Kayaking Tour or A Guided Trail Hike)

4:30 pm - Restorative Hour (Choose Yin Yoga with Rick, mini-facial or massage)

6 pm - Dinner at Carderock

7:30 pm - Restorative Hour (Yoga Nidra guided meditation w/Laurissa & Acupuncture Happy Hour from Our Space Acupuncture)

9 pm - Depart

Sunday, May 4, 2014

8:00 am - Arrival at Carderock

8:30 am - Open Your Heart Flow Yoga with Suzie

10:00 am - Breakfast & Mindful Nutrition Session with Leslie

11:30 am - Closing Meditation Circle

12 pm - Depart 


Want more information? View the Retreat Flyer.

Have questions? Contact Trifecta Wellness.

Please plan your weekend accordingly in order to ensure a relaxing, enjoyable experience!


COST: $299/person includes yoga, meditation, kayaking, guided hike, tennis courts, all lectures & 4 meals.


Trifecta Wellness is holding 10 spots for lil omm at this special rate. Sign up by March 15 to take advantage of this great deal. 

Please Note- Refund Policy: No refunds will be available for the retreat due to pre-registration being required by third-party vendors for kayaking, the guided hike, all meals and spa services.


Gifts of Gratitude: Student Loyalty Program

Gifts of Gratitude is lil omm's newest student loyalty program.  Starting in January 2014, we have been tracking your visits!  Each visit earns you 1 point towards a reward, just our lil way of saying we appreciate you!


# of Visits Reward 
50 lil omm Water Botle
100 50% off Any Retail Item- your choice!
200 50% off Any Workshop (not session)
300 Free Workshop (not session)
400+ Stay Tuned!  We're thinking of something awesome...


Did you know we also have a Referral Rewards program?  Whenever someone cites you as a referral on their waiver, you earn points towards a sweet reward!

# of Friends You Refer Reward (Non-Members) Reward (Members)
             1 20% off a Workshop 30% off a Workshop
             3   Free Class $20 Credit towards any Retail Item
             5 Free Workshop Free Workshop
            10+ Private Yoga Class for Up to 4 people Private Yoga Class for Up to 4 people